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Dog Walking
Regular daytime exercise and mental stimulation can improve your loved one’s health, behaviour and overall contentment.

The physical and emotional benefits of your pet receiving recreation will be reaped by both your furry companion and all of those who live with and care for them.

This is accomplished through the socialisation and exercise that your pet will receive each day if cared for by "Ashfield Dog Walking". 

 As sociable and investigative animals, dogs naturally wish to interact with other beings. Regular interaction with other dogs and people will positively improve their reaction to guests in your home or neighbours on a walk. Also, energy expended during daily exercise is one of the best ways to prevent behavioural problems such as destructiveness, hyperactivity and separation anxiety as well as mend certain health concerns and weight issues.
Feeding and Medication Administration
After walking your dog, let us take care of some "extras" for you too.
Your pet can be fed if needed and administered any medications exactly to your specifications.