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Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We cover  Sutton and Kirkby, Mansfield, Mansfield Woodhouse and the surrounding areas.

Q. What will I need to provide for my dog?

A. You will need to provide enough food for your dogs stay, favourite toys and grooming equipment, any medication and of course your dog's own bed.

Q. Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

A. Yes. Your dog must be up to date with all its annual vaccinations.


Q. What kind of insurance do you have?

A.We are covered for Public Liability for up to £5,000,000 and have a Care Custody and Control extension liability to Animals for up to £5000.

Q. Can you collect my dog?

A. We do a free collection service as we find the animals suffer less separation anxiety if they leave you behind at their house rather than you leaving them behind at our house. 

Q. My dog doesn't get on with other dogs but is fine with people, could this be a problem?

A. No. We always appreciate and expect your total honesty and will do everything we can to help.

Q. What happens if my dog is ill while I am away?

A. If  we think Veterinary treatment is necessary, we will take your dog directly to our/your vet at your expense .  Costs incurred by us will be reclaimed from you on your return.
According to your instructions as to whether you'd like to be contacted & the nature of the treatment we will contact you on your emergency number.
If you need contacting this will be at the first opportunity to discuss what has happened and keep you updated on your pet's progress. 

Q. My dog is on medication. Is it alright for you to administer this?

A. Yes certainly – please give full details and keep us updated on your dogs condition.

Q. My dog mustn't be let off the lead or he runs off. Will this be a problem?

A. Your dog will be exercised according to your wishes. If you say he stays on the lead, then he  does.

Q. How far ahead do I have to book?

A. As far ahead as possible.